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o Suitable for green tires and high-end rubber products
o It has remarkable reinforcing performance, reduces rolling resistance of tire, improves wet slippage, wear resistance and tear strength.
o Compression deformation is small, prolonging the service life of tire

Tire and Rubber

Water Treatment

o It is mainly used for flocculation, sedimentation and clarification of various industrial wastewater.
o For clarification and purification of drinking water

o It has obvious effect of accelerating solution clarification and

promoting filtration.

Silicone Rubber

o Quality stability
o It has good dispersibility, good reinforcing property and easy

processing in silicone rubber.
o This series of products are mainly used for thermal vulcanized

silicone rubber.

o Easy to disperse, high transparency, high purity
o Efficient extinction, good handle, anti-caking, good storage stability
o Surface scratch resistance, wear resistance

Coating and Adhesive