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Jiangxi BAOHTEC Nano Science Co., Ltd. is located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi Province. It is a scientific and technological innovative enterprise focusing on the research and production of nanomaterials and functional chemicals. The company adheres to the concept and vision of "leading the innovation and development of nanotechnology and creating a better life for human society". It mainly serves high-end markets such as Lithium new energy, thermal insulation materials, green tires, industrial catalysis and industrial sapphire, belonging to the strategic new materials field supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company takes the Yichun production base as its headquarters and has an operation center in Shanghai. It forms a group operation mode with lithium battery new materials, functional new materials and feed additives as its main business units.

BAOHTEC Nano Science has a production base and research institute, and has established a full range of cooperative relations with many well-known universities at home and abroad. In 2016, RUYES and East China University of Science and Technology established. "RUYES&ECUST Chemical New Material Research Center", cooperating in the field of basic research and technology application of silicon aluminum materials, we started a new model of school-enterprise cooperation. The company has won the award of “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Engineering Technology Center and Excellent Innovation Team”of Dexing and Shangrao city. We have tire materials, surface technology and environmental protection material labs, focusing on the silicon aluminum research development, preparation and application of nanomaterials, and formed a systematic research system and big data management model which centers on market demand, from product design, development, process optimization, product realization to application support. BAOHTEC has applied for more than 50 patents, including more than 30 invention patents, and developed high-purity alumina, silica aerogel and other products to fill the domestic gap.