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BAOHTEC is an innovator in the industry leading silicon aluminum core-shell nanomaterials, and is committed to providing customers with professional technical solutions. The company is well developed, has a strong technical reserve, has more than 30 technical patents, and many invention patents have been industrialized. Company uphold the "Technological Innovation, Environmental Protection" as the concept of sustainable development, cooperate with several well-known universities and research institutions with long-term cooperation, such as Dalian University of Technology, Fudan University, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University and Institute of Chemical Industry and Forest Products of Chinese Academy of Forestry, and invest continuously in product R&D and application of innovation. In 2016, RUYES and East China University of Science and Technology established. "RUYES&ECUST Chemical New Material Research Center", cooperating in the field of basic research and technology application of silicon aluminum materials, we started a new model of school-enterprise cooperation. The company has won the award of “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Engineering Technology Center and Excellent Innovation Team”of Dexing and Shangrao city. We have tire materials, surface technology and environmental protection material labs, focusing on the silicon aluminum research development, preparation and application of nanomaterials, and formed a systematic research system and big data management model which centers on market demand, from product design, development, process optimization, product realization to application support.
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