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Contribute to economic development and prosperity, live a better life 
We fully support the social, economic and cultural development of the invested location by providing job and business opportunities in the field of technological innovation and sustainable development. We develop and apply the new technologies in the new material filed, to enhance the life quality of the users. We are able to industrialize technologies and contribute to economic development.
Promote education
It makes us a compelling highlight by supporting the institutions of higher education in the invested area and cooperating with East China University of Science and Technology. As a technological innovation enterprise, we pay high attention to encourage and train young people who have the enthusiasm in chemical and business management, and give priority to cooperate wih universities in the invested area.
Our success relies on the dedication of well-educated, highly skilled and talented managers, engineers and other employees.
Fund laboratories 
We fund laboratories which are innovative and active, sponsor research which is important to our technological development.
Provide scholarship to fund basic education 
These efforts bring us chances to cooperate with talented and passionate young people who are eager to make a difference in their chosen field. We have been successful in investing in education, and we are most gratified that our cooperation with universities not only includes financial support, but also combines theory with practical production which contributes to technological advancement.

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